Monday, April 15, 2013

holiday comes to an end

the new journey begins, where i should have a good spirit from home, 'keep moving, while u keep motivating'. yes, this semester seems like its hard to score, but nothing is easy in this world. right?

the first day of school, we started with assignments to be submitted on time, with the events that we need to give full commitments too. so, what i want to stress out here is, whatever happen, just reflect urself and leave to Allah, while thinking and working the best way u can solve them.

not to leave and give up.

so, BISMILLAHIR RAHMANIR RAHIM.. (in the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful)

lets go back to study !
see u then =)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

interview with MREPC Scholarship

MREPC stands for Malaysian Rubber Exports and Promotion Council

first thing first, Alhamdulillah..i would say to Allah, the Most Gracious and Most Merciful for lending me the scholarship that i am holding right now...

trima kasih jugak buat kawan2 yg byk membantu, terutama yg introduce me to the mrepc page, the one that are writing my letter and the one that are checking my grammar through out the day..thanks to all my dear friends, yg support from the beginning til the end..and highly appreciated to my love (family) bcoz they spent their time and money for everythg..

let me tell u how the process is..

1st stage :

- diorg akan kol kte n email kte untuk agreement whether we would attend the interview session or not..
- once kte reply the email n confirmation di buat by call, then, kte akan dberi tempat dan mase untuk 1st interview tu...

- diorg akan bg kte questions, iaitu MCQ, multiple choice question. di dalam nye ade pelbagai soalan related to our course, for example engineering..dalam soalan tu ade physics, chemistry, n mcm2 lg..
*saat itu dimane ak mule pulun smua ilmu yg cg2 dlu penah ngaja since dah lame tgalkan subjek tsebut*

- then, for mcq question, about 30mins were allocated for us..but for me, they allocated 1 hour. haha. everybody got the different questions. so, no time to cheat la. hehe

- lepas tu, ade writing session, where another 30 mins allocated to us to write.

tajuk2 yg dberi, ade yg globally, ade yg critically...for example, mine got 5 questions.
seingt ak, ade tajuk yg related to sport, ade jugak kepada pandangan kte, yg ak jawab haritu, pasal science, technology yang mmbentuk kepada future..somethg that we have to compare dr segi pengajaran kat skolah mase tu, ape je yg terlintas, ak tulis jela..sbb time was running so I have to..

- tamatla sudah untuk 1st stage interview..

2nd stage :

- untuk second stage ni, ktorg dberitahu dalam 2 mgu selepas 1st stage interview.this is where the real interview starts.
- kali ni, ktorg ade 4 sesi, yg blaku slama 2 hari..stiap satu sesi ada 10 org camtu..ak dapat pd hari ke-2, pg. mase tu ktorg dberi waktu interview dan tempat menunggu. ak di panggil untuk ke blik interview pada pkul 1100 pg kerana interview tu akn bmula pd pkul 1130 pg.
dalam blik interview tu ade 4 org panel, smuanya berpangkat tgi dan berjawatan besar...and ade seorg international man came to it, to be one of the panels.
- interview starts from 1130 and ends with 1145..quite a long conversation wth them.
- interview for 2nd stage was done.

3rd stage :

- i thought there's no way of me to get the scholarship since we're compete hard enough to be at that stage..
one of the officers called me and told me that it was my last journey whether i was selected or not to be one of the scholarship recipients..
- it was a very surprise stage, where i need to talk in front of the crowds. i need to convince the crowds, why they need to choose me.
- yg jd crowds pd hari tu, ialah smua manager and company people from all the rubber companies in nak xnak, we have to.

and, lastly, they called me to come for signing the agreement and photo session day with mrepc's officers and the other companies.

tu je dr ak for this time..thank you to all again !

see u then =)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hunger #2

world of hunger, #day 2

okay..harini dsebabkan entry dia dah name hunger, so what can i prepared for tonite is :

*nasi goreng ala thai*
bismillah hirrahmanir rahim..

lets check out for d ingredients :

--> together withhh ----------------------------->

macam biasa la, masukkan smua bahan yang ditumis dahulu, kemudian dsertakan dgn bahan basah..
masukkan nasi, carrot dan sayur2..
masukkan hirisan daun serai


siap untuk dimakan !

Hunger #1

world of hunger #day 1

we're on holiday right now, so sbg ppuan, lets find our creativity and improves our chef skills at HOME !

first come first, lets prepare the ingredients.

together with sauces (chilli,tomato,dan minyak sotong)
daun celery
daun limau purut

then, cmpak smua bahan, and after a while, here it goess :

not bad lah kan for a junior chef like me. ahha =.=''
mama sifu komen : the taste is not bad. hehe..

okay, next will upload more about food.
see u then, =)