Tuesday, October 26, 2010

tHis Is all AboUt Me!

naMaKu di Beri :: SiTi MarLia MohaMad..u Ol can Jz caLL me MarLia..

wAs BorN oN 12th Of JuLy 1992..and waS boRn oN mOnKey's YeaR..n I ThiNk dat This yeaR makeS me Quite NauGhTy GurLz..hahaaaa..

ActULLy My amBitiOn WaS tO bE a SuRgeoN..bUt,ThE fAte Is OlReadY tHeRe,,i m TaKinG eNgineErinG cOursE As A MaJor RigHt noW..hahhaaaaa...

My EduCaTiOn paTh Is SomeThIng LikE dIs..hahahhaaaa

  •  taDikA TNB KuaLa BerAnG..
  • TadIka KeMas KuAla BeraNg..
  • SeKolaH KebAngsAan Kuala Berang..
  • SeKolaH MeneNgah KebaNgsaaN seRi beRang(jz fOr 2 weEks)
  • IntAn PrEmiEr HigH sChOOL(f1-f3)
  • MarA JunIoR Sc CoLLeGe(MRSM) PenGkaLan ChepA(f4-f5)
  • UiTM PunCaK AlaM (FoUndaTioN eNgineeRing)
n pasNi I DuNNo kat MaNe Lak..hehehee...

My FevRet FOoD :: BoloGnesE..
My FeVRet BeveRaGes :: VaNiLLa,MoCha BleNdeD

graduation day..daddy n mummy
My CollECtioN...

my sis..
my bro..

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