Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maldives, nice place to visit.

Alhamdulillah. the only word that could describe my feeling pleasure, where Allah has given me a chance to be there, in the year of 2012. having a research on Carbon Footprints, we have selected maldives to be our research place. however, this research turned up to be more less like vacation for us since we were really worked hard to run this project in malaysia.

Nice Memory to be one of Maldivian just for 14 days.

malaysia-sri lanka

arriving Sri Lanka

transit at in Sri Lanka for 8 hours-sightseeing d country

beautiful taste- Submarine by its name

'mandi minyak' bfore pray

otw to Male, Maldives

Masha-Allah, u could see amazing islands bfore u landed

another island of Maldives

again, another island

this is crystal clear water of the ocean where u could see nemos anywhere in it
arrived Male Airports
CO2 Footprint 2012


awesome sceenary of Hulhumale
sekadar hiasan
Male City
how clean!
easily met their President Office,located at male.